Sunday, June 17, 2018

Detailing and PDR Tech session

We attended a tech session for car detailing and paint protection at Detail Peoria ( this weekend on Knoxville in Peoria.  We started by discussing paint restoration, prep, and protection.  They also discussed some products to use to maintain a clean car.

Then we saw a demonstration of paintless dent repair (PDR) using both the tool from behind the dent method as well as the glue method by "the Dent Guy" Scott Shinn (309-208-3932).  We also discussed wheel curb rash repair that The Wheel Guy (Kevin Duncan) does (309-231-2591).

Friday, June 1, 2018

HPDE opportunity for first timers

The St. Louis region PCA has a special high performance drivers education targeted at people who have never done one before.  This event is 1/2 day on Saturday July 28th at Circuit of St. Louis Road Course (Gateway).  It is $100 for intro students.  You can see more info and register for the event here:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Caymen S Transmission

One of our Lincoln Trail members has posed a question.......... They have a 2010 Caymen S with 60000 miles and their transmission overheats and shuts the motor down. Has anyone else had this issue or know of anyone who has and how was it resolved?

Sunday, April 1, 2018

More Benefits of Joining LTR - Discounts at the Dealers

In case you were thinking about joining Lincoln Trail Region of Porsche Club of America, here is something to think about. The Board of Lincoln Trail have been working with our local Porsche dealerships (Peoria Porsche, Peoria,IL and Isringhausen Imports, Springfield, IL), where now Lincoln Trail members can receive discounts.

As a Porsche owner, Lincoln Trail members can now obtain discounts on Porsche parts and service, as well as discounts on the purchase of a new Porsche. Are you pondering the purchase of a new or used Porsche?.  Lincoln Trail boundary includes two dealerships; Isringhausen Imports in Springfield Illinois and Porsche of Peoria Illinois. In addition to sponsoring events, both dealerships have graciously decided to add another dimension to make being apart of one of the largest car clubs more beneficial with Lincoln Trail PCA discounts. Starting immediately, the following is announced: (Hint - you will need your PCA membership card)

Isringhausen Imports
229 E Jefferson, Springfield, IL 62701
10% discount will apply to over the counter parts purchases and Repair Orders

Porsche of Peoria 
2322 Van Winkle Way, Peoria, IL 61615
Parts and accessories - 10% discount
Service - 15% discount
New Sales (Discount will not apply to GT models)
718's - 5% discount
Macan - 5% discount
911 - 5% discount
Panamera - 5% discount
Cayenne (2018) - 5% discount
Cayenne (2019 orders) - 3% discount

As you can see, just another way being a PCA member can be beneficial.  But let's not forget, the most important aspect of being in PCA is the people....My thanks and appreciation to both dealerships who have continually supported PCA.

Well, you’ll want to check out our club’s web page at There is so much more for members to learn just a click away

With PCA, it’s not just about the cars, it’s about the people............

Friday, February 23, 2018

Add the LTR calendar to your smartphone or PC calendar

The St. Louis region has a helpful page to explain how to add calendars to your phone or PC here:  This will also work for the LTR calendar with the following changes:

Our LTR ICAL address is:

Our LTR calendar ID is:

You can also get to it with this URL:

I have added Chicago Region PCA and St. Louis Region PCA calendars to our website as well.  They show up in the Central Illinois Car Events calendar on our home page.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

High Performance Drivers Education (a.k.a. track days, HPDE, DE)

Porsche sports cars are made for the track.  Their supreme handling and braking make them fantastic to drive at speed on a road course.  A closed road course is really the only place you can legally experience these cars capabilities.  Many larger PCA regions regularly hold what they call Drivers Education (DE of HPDE) events.  This blog post is intended to introduce people who have never attended a DE to what these are all about.

Here is a video of PCA Zone 2 DE.
Here is some in-car video from a DE

Here is a video with a novice driver at Putnam Park.  You can hear some of the conversation with the instructor.

Now that you are interested, what next?  There is one piece of safety equipment you must have before going to a DE: A Snell SA helmet with one of the last 2 ratings.  This is not a motorcycle helmet, and there is a big difference.  Snell SA helmets are made for in-car use and contain fire retardants that motorcycle helmets do not have, as well as several other differences.  SNELL is a standards organization, not a manufacturer.  Helmets with their ratings are made by many helmet manufacturers.  This year (2018) you can enter all DE's with a Snell SA2015 helmet.  Most events will also accept SA2010 helmets as well.  These helmets are available from many distributors such as Hoerr Racing (near Peoria),  Summit Racing, Jegs, and many others.   You can get them from around $250 and up but if you are buying one now, get the SA2015.  Some are still trying to sell the SA2010 helmets so be careful. Some events do offer helmet rentals as well.

There are many DE events at the various tracks near us.  Here is a map of those tracks.  For us the Chicago, Central Indiana, and St. Louis regions of the PCA have some great nearby events.  One of the best tracks and events for beginners is the CIRPCA Spring Break at Putnam Park.  This track is particularly well suited to getting started as it tends to be more forgiving than most.  CIRPCA has this website of great info on DEsChicago region also holds a DE at Blackhawk that is often focused on novice DE drivers.  Most PCA regions, as well as many other car clubs, use  or for their events.  You can search there to find events.

Your normal car insurance will likely not cover you at the track.  There is special insurance available for these events though.  The PCA recommends Lockton Motorsports and there are others.

Here is what to expect from your first track day.  Before the event you will need to have your car inspected and an inspection sheet filled out and signed.  Basically your car must be in good condition with no leaks, good brakes and tires, seat belts in good condition, battery properly mounted and terminals protected, etc.  You must also flush your brake fluid with high performance brake fluid within 30 days of each event.  When you check in to the event, they will often do a quick check as well.  The morning of the track day will begin with a mandatory drivers meeting.  You will have a schedule for the day which includes both classroom instruction and 25 minute driving sessions with an instructor.  Generally you will get 4 sessions per day.  The in-car instructor at a PCE DE is a person who is an advanced driver and has passed the PCA instructors program.

DEs are a great way to experience your Porsche in its natural habitat doing what it was made to do.  Its not for everyone but it is very fun for those who want to experience their Porsche doing what it does best.  You drive at a pace you are in control and comfortable with.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

LTR Classified Ads System Fixed

I found out the other day that the LTR classified ads system did not support emailing.  This meant that you could no respond to ads, forward ads, or use the "forgot password" system.  We now fixed those issues and the system is back up and running.

The classified ad system is free for LTR members to use.  You can post ads for cars or other stuff with photos and details.  You can also include a URL to a website for more details on your items.  One use of the URL is to post a link to a Google Photos album where you can have photos, videos, etc., to help sell your item.  Once you create your ad, there is a simple and short URL direct to your ad that you can share with people easily.  Here is an example: of an active ad now.  If you are feeling even more nerdy, you can use this link with a QR code generator such as this:  to generate a QR code that people can easily scan with any smartphone to pull up your ad.  Here is an example.
If you scan that with your smartphone it will take you to the ad for the 944. This is real handy if you have your car at a show or other gathering you can put an ad together with this QR code so people can quickly get more info on your item for sale.

I hope you find our classified ad system useful.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Finding a local shop

Another question has come into Lincoln Trail and you can offer input. A new member has just obtained a 1987 Porsche 930 with 47k miles and is in the process of sorting it out. Their question; where can they find a mechanic who knows their way around a 930 in the Bloomington/Normal area? If you have or know of a mechanic who fits the question, please let us know.