Saturday, December 30, 2017

LTR Classified Ads System Fixed

I found out the other day that the LTR classified ads system did not support emailing.  This meant that you could no respond to ads, forward ads, or use the "forgot password" system.  We now fixed those issues and the system is back up and running.

The classified ad system is free for LTR members to use.  You can post ads for cars or other stuff with photos and details.  You can also include a URL to a website for more details on your items.  One use of the URL is to post a link to a Google Photos album where you can have photos, videos, etc., to help sell your item.  Once you create your ad, there is a simple and short URL direct to your ad that you can share with people easily.  Here is an example: of an active ad now.  If you are feeling even more nerdy, you can use this link with a QR code generator such as this:  to generate a QR code that people can easily scan with any smartphone to pull up your ad.  Here is an example.
If you scan that with your smartphone it will take you to the ad for the 944. This is real handy if you have your car at a show or other gathering you can put an ad together with this QR code so people can quickly get more info on your item for sale.

I hope you find our classified ad system useful.

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